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Portuguese courses - Learn Portuguese - Linguagest Langauge SchoolLinguagest’s Portuguese for Foreigners courses, Academic Year, are ideal for foreign residents or non-residents in Portugal. This course is for those that would like to learn the language on a regular basis from the beginner level until the intermediate/advanced levels.

LINGUAGEST has 7 levels of PORTUGUESE (PLE) (from A1 to B2.2) according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL)

Each level of Portuguese for Foreigners is for a period of 4 months (72 hours of lessons). This means that in one Academic Year, it’s possible to do two entire levels. It is not mandatory to attend all 4 months as one may only have time to do 1, 2 or 3 months at a time.

At the end of these courses Students will be able to:

  • Gain confidence when speaking in Portuguese in any colloquial or business environment.

  • Develop general conversation skills and improve pronunciation.

  • Improve comprehension skills, both oral and written as well as grammar and reading.

  • Consolidate necessary skills for work or studies.

  • Prepare themselves to work or study in a Foreign Portuguese-speaking country or in Portugal.

  • Acquire the necessary skills to prepare for international exams.

  • Obtain a Certificate of Achievement in the Portuguese Language.

Student Profile

The Portuguese Academic Year Courses at Linguagest are for:

  • Active professionals that intend to consolidate skills in Portuguese for professional or personal reasons.

  • Adult residents in Portugal that would like to acquire basic skills to participate in day-to-day communications or simply to improve already acquired skills in Portuguese.

  • Students who would like to prepare for the Portuguese exam CAPLE.

  • Foreign Students who are here for the Erasmus program.

  • Tourists visiting Lisbon.

And, any person that would like to learn Portuguese to study, work or travel. This is for someone who would like to prepare themselves for future challenges.


Live In-classroom lessons with a teacher. As of the first lesson, active conversation is encouraged, dialogues are role-played, with the personal orientations and guidelines from the teacher; each session is appropriate to the level being studied and is based on CEFRL. Special attention is given to writing and grammar, as of the B1.1, namely to students who have good oral skills, but very little practice in studying the language and have not acquired the necessary basic skills to carry on.

The resources used and in-classroom activities have been chosen to recreate real-life situations in a colloquial and professional environment, which turn these lessons unique and fun all at the same time.


After concluding a level in the Portuguese as a Foreign Language (PLE) Course, Linguagest will issue a Certificate which is recognized by DGERT (official entity for the Quality Seal) as long as the student completes the Course (PLE) with the minimum final evaluation requirements:

- Attendance Record: 70% and above
- Final Mark: 60% and above

Schedules and Timetables

Academic Year 2014/2015:

1º Quarter from 29/09/2014 to 31/01/2015 (Christmas Holidays: from 15/12/2014 to 2/01/2015)
2º Quarter from 02/02 to 27/06/2015 (Carnival Break: 17/02/2015 – Easter Break: from 1 to 4/04/2015)


Weekday Courses: Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays – 18:30/20:00 or 20:00/21:30
Saturday Courses: 9:30/13:30

Enrolment is open to all, even for courses that have already started as long as the students’ level is adequate to the course which has opened.

Option (1) – Weekdays: 3 lessons; 1,5-hour sessions per week; (4 months).

Option (2) – Saturday mornings: 1 lesson; 4-hour session, (4 months).

Weekdays: (Mon/Wed/Fri) – 18:30/20:00

Level Starts Vacancies
A 1 26/01/2015 3
A2.2 14/11/2014 2


Weekdays: (Mon/Wed/Fri) – 20:00/21:30

Level Starts Vacancies
A1 6/04/2015 10


Saturdays – 09:30/13:30

Nível Início Vagas Disponíveis

If these timetables are not suitable, please contact us, it would be our pleasure to find a solution for you.


Annual Enrollment Fee: 30€


Price per Course:
(3 Payment options)

- Option A: payment of full course/level: 349€

- Option B: two installments: beginning of the course: 174,50€ and in the middle of course: 174,50€

- Option C: monthly payments: 89€


Didactic Material: 8€/month. This is not included in the prices (above mentioned). (Material is based on various worksheets that cover all kinds of activities such as vocabulary, conversation exercises, reading, writing and phonetic practise).

Enrollment Requirements

Students, who have knowledge of the language or have already done Portuguese courses, must do a Placement Test in PORTUGUESE in order to assess the level and to determine the correct course. In this case, please contact us so we can schedule the test date.

Enrollment is open all year round and you can enter in any course that is open as long as it’s your level (see Schedules above).



Once we receive your enrollment form, we will contact you to confirm your enrollment.

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